Voyage in a bottle

The ocean has always been the horizon of travelers just as a call to adventurers. Our bottling vessels cruise and harvest Ôdeep from deep untamed spaces. Collected across the five oceans, Ôdeep thus frees itself from a mainland production site in order to turn seas and oceans into an ocean of opportunities.

A cruise for water production

Not only Ôdeep is a new brand of bottled water, but it is as well the name of the vessel that sails back and forth seas and oceans. Water harvesting cruises explore off the coasts of America, Japan, Australia or Europe.

A moveable feast

To paraphrase Emily Dickinson’s words, As if the Sea should part And show a further Sea, with each sip of Ôdeep, you will feel the renewed pleasure of untamed marine spaces. An original journey narrated by our vignettes attached to the neck of our bottles.

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